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A group of highly accomplished leaders in education accreditation has assembled to discuss the need for a new worldwide accreditation organization – Accreditation International (Ai).  It was noted by these individuals that a new accreditation organization must retain the traditional approach to accreditation, which emphasizes a collegial, peer review, and self-study process, while integrating research-based, twenty-first century skills, international benchmarks, and American common core standards.

Accreditation International (Ai) is unique in the field of accreditation, as not only does Ai accredit in five fields of education – schools, career and technical, distance education, early childhood, and supplementary education, it also encourages and works “hands-on” in partnership with countries in the development of new accreditation organizations.  Ai has a cadre of experienced accreditation leaders and review team members from all over world, speaking dozens of different languages and representing various cultures.

Accreditation International transcends national boundaries and assists in the development of nations’ educational systems.  Ai relies on a key group of education experts and accreditors—both national and international. These experts have not only facilitated the design of Ai but are also those who will lead the accreditation processes for schools.  Much of the work related to developing new accrediting associations in countries outside the USA will be done by the International Council for Education in cooperation with Accreditation International.

When Ai partners (networks) with new national accreditors in participating countries around the world, then such a relationship produces Cooperative Accreditation with the result that the school receives both national and international accreditation.

For a comprehensive list of Partners & Coalitions please CLICK HERE

The world is made up of various cultures, peoples, and nations.  Accreditation International (Ai) is a unifying entity from which we promote, develop, and use education accreditation throughout the world to provide the public trust through Quality Assurance, School Improvement, and Education Development to enhance student achievement and performance.

Our Core Values

  • Be Trustworthy – Personnel and Processes
  • Expect Agreement
  • Refute Exclusivity
  • Embrace Diversity
  • Value Education Leadership
  • Secure Excellence in Education
  • Maintain Traditional Accreditation
  • Promote Equity, Justice, and Peace
  • Encourage Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Seek Cooperation, Affiliation, and Networking
  • Utilize Standards in Education that are Research-based and International
  • Recognize that Accreditation in Education is for Quality Assurance, Continuous Planning, and Education Development for Students, Parents, and Nations.